Christopher Columbus

Portrait by Sebastiano del Piombo

  • Find a shorter trade route to Asia to bring back spices and riches to Spain
  • Spread Christianity
Personality Traits
  • Smart-believed the world was round
  • Determined-worked hard at school to learn how to navigate by the stars and how to sail
  • Persistant-kept sailing, even when he lost everything to pirates
  • Determined-waited 7 years until Spain could afford to send him on his journey
  • Brave-willing to go into the unknown, even though he was told by everyone that it was very dangerous
  • Egotistical-wanted to be the richest and mightiest seaman in the world
  • Sailed across the Atlantic to the New World
  • Became a hero of Spain
  • Never found a trade route to Asia
  • He was not a good leader of his men
  • In his lifetime,  no one realized the importance of his discoveries
Changed the World
  • Helped to prove the world was round
  • Discovered a new land