You were looking for The RETROTEK ?
Perhaps R.H.O.G. (Retroteks House of Gaspers)

Here are some links where you can find the GodFather of A.S.A.

This is where it all began

This is the original asphyx site created in 1992 where hanging and choking pictures and vids were first posted to the Net.


Poser characters. Pics and Animations

Not sure what POSERS are?
Take a look here and she what Retrotek does.
(click on each picture yada yada yada)

If you like short animations, try this sample.

How about PhotoStorys?
You'll like this one.

WANT MORE. There are more free pics and clips here

Poser characters

Newsgroups are different from Yahoo or MSN groups.
Newsgroups are where folks gather to share files and messages without the restrictions
of those silly yahell groups. You need to use the NEWS feature of Internet Explorer or
a true NEWSGROUP viewer program like AGENT or NEWSBIN to view these groups.
This is the original Usenet Newsgroup founded by Retrotek back in the 80's
where the first Asphyx/Gasper/Hang/Choke pictures were posted.
The "term" ASA is actually the acronym for this group.
This group is the binary sister group of that was created
in the 90's for those folks who were concerned about posting binary
files to a text group.

There are other places around the Net where you
can find Retrotek but these are the best places to start.